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 Harmonization of Canadian Ireland and Great Britain Stud books

The Canadian Studbooks have been harmonized with Ireland and Great Britain!!!!
At the August 2012 Dublin Horse Show, The representative from the Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada signed an agreement with Horse Sport Ireland to harmonize Canada’s Irish Draught Horse studbook with the studbook of origin in Ireland.
This means our Irish Draught horses now have identical rights and privileges to horses of the same classification in Ireland and Great Britain.
This allows Canada to share information about our herd with Ireland, and allows Ireland to take a broad view of the Irish Draught Herd. We will have access to facts about the Irish Draught herd, and will be able to determine future direction accordingly.
Canada is pleased to be the first non-EU Draught society to align with Ireland and Great Britain, and encourages Australia and the USA to follow.
Members of the IDHSC will be contacted directly with information about how this affects rules for registration and inspection.