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Inspections 2019 

All of the horse owners were informed verbally of their horse's results by the inspectors right after their horses were inspected. 

These are the unofficial results.


I know everyone is quite excited to see all of the official results posted.
However,before we can post these we have to get all of the DNA results back. It will be at the minimum a number of weeks before this happens as I just got back to Ottawa and have to send all of those DNA hair samples in to our registration officer who in turn send them in to get analyzed.. When I get the official results, and when the board gives me the go ahead I will notify everyone and post the results on the website.

Thanks to everyone who came out with a horse!

As well a big thank you to those who came out in support, assisted, scribed, took part in the linear profile clinic. Brought food! You all contributed to a successful inspection

Rebecca Hanbidge
Inspections Coordinator

For additional inspection photos posted by members please see the   Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada group on facebook

Our Inspectors for 2019 Andrew Gardiner and Charlotte Moore

Send the webmaster  photos of your horses !

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