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Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada

Forms & Inspection Frequently Asked Questions


If you are needing to get paperwork, vet inspections, or your horse registered please access the links below

INSPECTION FORMS (coming soon)

Irish Draught Mare or Gelding

Irish Draught Stallion

Irish Draught Sport Horse Mare or Gelding

Irish Draught Sport Horse Stallion


1. Why should I have my horse Inspected

-You receive an assessment of your horse from world-class judges, who are happy to discuss strengths and

challenges in your horse’s conformation as well as breeding strategies.

-Only approved horses are called “Class1” or “IDSH”; this designation is recognized worldwide.

-At the inspection, you get to meet a number of your fellow Irish Draught enthusiasts!

2. What is the cost for Inspection?

$150 Geldings (at least 3 years old)

$300 Mares (at least 3 years old)

$580 Stallions (at least 3 years old)

3. What is my cost if I need to register my horse as well

Inspection fee plus Registration fee ( If DNA for either sire or dam is not available, there may be extra costs ) Registration page

4. What is the cost if I want my horse inspected but I am not a member of the society and my horse is not registered with the society

In addition to paying for inspection and registration of your horse, you will need to also pay a membership fee click here for the membership page